Slay This Season with a Pair of Oversized Glasses

October 30, 2018

Slay This Season with a Pair of Oversized Glasses

Oversized glasses have become a fashion staple because they are so easy to style.

There are a wide variety of glasses that can fall into the “oversized” category including aviators, cat-eye, square-shaped, and ultra-round glasses. At Sun Optics, we offer a stunning selection of luxurious, extravagant, and sophisticated oversized sunglasses and glasses that are sure to make you the envy of all your friends.

Read on to see what seasonal fashion matches gorgeously with our oversized glasses.

A Little About Oversized Glasses

Oversized glasses are framed glasses that cover the maximum area around the eye in a broad, bold fashion. But picking out the right pair isn’t just about grabbing any pair off the shelf.

If your glasses are too big, you risk looking “bug-eyed”, a term that means exactly what it sounds like.

Fortunately, our expert fashionistas at Sun Optics have a few tips to help keep this from happening to you:

  • Don’t let the bottom of the lens touch your cheeks.
  • When smiling or talking, your glasses should not move up or down (or in any direction).
  • Do not cover up your eyebrows; they should be at least partially visible.
  • Avoid glasses that are wider than your face.
  • If you have a square face, lean more towards round glasses.
  • If you have a round face, lean more towards square, rectangular, or cat-eye glasses.
  • Oval face shapes can typically wear any style.

Oversized glasses match beautifully with a wide variety of fashion styles. If you’re new to eyewear and are looking for a pair that complements your unique fashion sense, then consider the following options.

1. Thin-Rimmed Glasses: A Style for Everyone

Jessica Alba wearing thin-rimmed glasses.In this image, we see the perfect example of thin-rimmed glasses perfectly paired with a business casual outfit. Jessica Alba’s oversized glasses sit perfectly on her face and are paired gorgeously with a plain white t-shirt and a blazer with the sleeves rolled up, adding to the casual look of the whole outfit. The thin-wire glasses look intelligent and comfortable.

Woman wearing thin rimmed sunglasses dressed downHere's another example of thin-rimmed glasses, this time dressed down with a cozy, extra large cardigan and some torn jeans. Notice the glasses are not wider than the model’s face, they are below her brows, and they don’t rest on top of her cheeks - the perfect fit. Thin-rimmed glasses say “I’m ready for business...and fun.” These look great as reading glasses but just as amazing as shades.

2. Blacked Out Lenses: Style with a Tantalizing Mystique

Blacked out lenses are another great example of eyewear that can be dressed up or down. They are the ideal muted style and go with virtually any outfit. Ray-Bans are an amazing choice because of their recognizable shape that can enhance any attire.

Check out how they can get paired with both a business professional suit or breezy weekend getup.

Woman casually wearing dark sunglasses.Main wearing suit with dark sunglasses 

3. Thick-Rimmed Glasses: A High Fashion Must

Thick-rimmed glasses are meant to make a statement. Fashion shows the world over absolutely love this chic trend. If you’re a trendy fashionista, these may be the perfect choice for you.

Below we see an exquisite pair of thick-rimmed glasses flawlessly paired with a classic black dress and brown clutch that just screams “elegance.”


4. Reflective Lenses: Keeping Your Cool

While you might think reflective lenses are only a great option for a day out in the sun, hanging by the pool or at the beach, these trendy sunglasses can add just the right amount of cool to your autumn outfit. At Sun Optics, we have the perfect pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses for the man in your life.


5. Ultra-Round Glasses

Ultra-round glasses can make a stunning bohemian-styled outfit absolutely pop! In recent years, indie fashion has adopted these retro-styled glasses.

The vintage shape is edgier this time around and can be worn with a boho chic or artsy rocker look.

The independent and innovative providers of high fashion and performance eyewear at Sun Optics have just the pair of oversized glasses for you. Visit our website and transform your look.