Retro and Futuristic Sunglasses Trending in Spring 2019

March 20, 2019

Retro and Futuristic Sunglasses Trending in Spring 2019

Spring 2019’s trendiest sunglasses can be seen being worn by your favorite celebrities, on the runway, and on your social media feed. At Sun Optics, you can select from these latest styles of signature brands that suit your personality best.

A pair of shades is the ultimate way to keep up with the latest trends in fashion all while protecting your eyes from UV ray damage. Spring is known for gorgeous weather and plenty of sun, but you can shine just the same in fashionable eyewear.

Capture Fashion Eyewear Trends This Spring

This spring, retro and futuristic looks are all the rage. The most influential celebrities and models have taken to Instagram to display their unique, colorful, and sharp-edged eyewear.

You can take inspiration from these high-fashion trending styles and make the look your own with a pair of shades that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Six of Spring’s Trendiest Sunglasses:

1.The Revamped Aviator

Aviator style sunglasses have been a big trend over the years, and with an upgraded style coming in 2019, its popularity just won’t waver. These versatile frames have changed ever so slightly over the years but remain sleek and simple.

Large frame aviators are also great at protecting the eyes. Modern twists such as new colors and frame thickness add a futuristic spin to the classic look. Get a pair of aviators to make any outfit timelessly chic.

Model: Mach One DRX-2030 G

2. Sporty Shield Sunglasses

Super-oversized lenses are the rage and these iconic angular framed lenses are a Spring 2019 must-have. The amount of coverage provided by the lenses makes them an excellent match for sunny days full of adventurous activities.

Kim Kardashian has been spotted wearing these shield sunglasses, pairing them with biker shorts and chunky sneakers for a perfect Instagram look. You can recreate this look or wear the shades with any casual outfit to an outdoor sporting event or use them to accessorize your most fashionable attire.

Model: Versace Sunglasses Model #2180 1000/5A



3. Yellow Lenses

Add a pop of color to your outfit with unique yellow lenses. These sunnies are not too large on the face and actually accent the eyes with their bright, translucent lenses. Many music artists have even taken to wearing the see-thru colored lenses at award shows.

Model: Nightbird One Yellow Gold






4. Black Square Framed

With a large squared-frame, you can achieve that 70s-esque appeal. Model Sofia Richie is a super fan of stylish black square frames and wears them out with the simplest t-shirt and jeans combo.

The best part of the neutral black frame is that it is so versatile and can compliment any style, pattern or color. Black square frames are subtly bold and easy to wear. The sharp edges will bring out your facial structure and make for a very put together look with little effort.

Model: Gucci GG0096SA 001






5. Jewel Accented Frames

You can accessorize your shades with bling when you get a pair of jewelry studded frames. This look is a bit more opulent and can add a hint of luxury to any street style.

Blinged sunglasses are an excellent way to bring high-fashion into your own style. You can dress them down or play them up as much as you’d like depending on how you like. These frames will definitely catch looks and upgrade your selfie game.

Model: Oversize Acetate Sunglasses With Crystals





6. Horizontally Slim Lenses

Although oversized lenses are dominating the sunglass trends for spring 2019, supermodels are very big on the horizontally slim sunglasses wave. Street style instantly becomes retro with a pair of slim lenses.

They are so simple and don’t take away too much from the face but do add a whole lot of mystery and fierceness. Model Bella Hadid has a huge influence on trends out right now and she is one to make a statement in these sleek frames.

Model: Gucci GG0364S 002






No matter your personal style or preference, Sun Optics has a variety of trendy looks that you can select from this Spring 2019. Make your Instagram pop with accessorized selfies that show off your personality.

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