Make a Statement: The Best Sunglasses Fashion Trends of 2019

January 04, 2019

Make a Statement: The Best Sunglasses Fashion Trends of 2019

A new year, new fashion trends. Or so you would think.

Ironically, most of the eyewear trends of 2019 are getting a surge of inspiration from the 1990s. The retro look is a common trend we’ve seen in recent years.

But don't be fooled.

The 90s inspiration doesn’t take away from how sleek and fashionable these sunglasses are.

Your South Texas innovative providers of high fashion and performance eyewear at Sun Optics have the perfect pair to help you make a statement in 2019.  Read on to find out a few of the staple eyewear trends of 2019.

The Glasses You Need for 2019

1. Frames with Patterns

Prints! Prints! Prints! If spring fashion is known for anything, it’s prints. This year, be prepared to see quirky and vibrant styles to usually muted eyewear. Patterned glasses are a sure fire way to amp up a monotone outfit. Wearing an all-black outfit? Throw on some polka dot frames!

With patterned frames, the fashion possibilities are endless.

2. Red Frames

Once considered the perfect dress color for a night out on the town, red frames are now hitting the streets. Red is a naturally attractive color and this sultry hue is the ideal frame color for those wanting to make a statement. Inspired by the 1950s pinup girl look, red frames are sure to make a splash in 2019.

3. Blinged Out Frames

Diamonds and embellished glasses are nothing new, being quite popular on runways and fashion editorials. But this year, we should see them gain new levels of casual popularity, especially with beauty influencers and fashionistas that want a unique look, even if just running a quick errand.

4. Shield Lenses

When you see these glasses, you should think of one word, protection. These glasses cover a larger surface area of your face, giving better protection from those dangerous UV rays, while also looking modern and stylish. These glasses are going to be perfect for the 2019 summer.

5. Slim Lenses

One of the biggest and most popular 90s eyewear trend, the slim lens. Quite the opposite to its oversized counterparts, these style of sunglasses are being worn by many celebrities and fashion influencers - and they’re easily integrated into everyday fashion. Making their entry in 2018, these glasses also feel semi-futuristic, with a sleek, barely-there look.

6. Yellow-lensed Glasses

The perfect glasses for the spring and summer seasons. While yellow lenses are passed off as too bright or a generally a color that many people don’t gravitate towards, this 2019 eyewear trend is certainly here to break down those stigmas. Yellow glasses (with yellow lenses) are unique, stunning, and most importantly, flattering.

7. Two-toned Lenses

You’ll be taking a trip back to the early 2000s with this fashion trend. These fun and innovative glasses are bound to be the talk of the year. The huge lenses and two-toned coloring is the perfect combination.

This lens style was used in many fashion runway shows (such as Mui Mui, Etro, and Asai) for the upcoming 2019 fashion year.

The independent and innovative providers of high fashion and performance eyewear at Sun Optics have just the pair of glasses to make you stand out in 2019.

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