Finding the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses This Winter

December 10, 2018

Finding the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses This Winter

To most people, sunglasses seem like a summer accessory. But your sunnies are so much more than that and there are plenty of reasons you should be wearing a pair during the winter season.

When winter rolls around, we see less jewelry and color, and a more muted fashion. But for those of you that love dressing up, sunglasses are a great way to amp up your day-to-day style during these chilly winter months.

As the independent and innovative provider of high fashion and performance eyewear, Sun Optics has a wide array of luxury brand sunglasses that will make your winter style ice-cold.

Winter Weather Changes

During winter, weather can change rather quickly. A grey gloomy morning can miraculously turn into a bright, sunny day, leaving your eyes exposed to damaging UV rays. It’s worth noting that even on cloudy days, your eyes are not protected, as UV and HEV rays can still push their way through the clouds.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous pair of sunglasses to protect your precious eyes, consider the following:

1. Nerdy Chic

On your days off, you may want something a little more comfortable. Thin wired frames are minimalistic, effortless, and now a staple of casual looks. These shades can be worn with a cozy style for a geek chic look.

2. Reflective Lenses

Ray-Ban sunglasses are quite popular for their reflective specs. But did you know these reflective shades are exceptional at protecting your eyes? For the winter months, orange or red lenses should be your go-to option as they can effectively reflect harmful UV rays on partly cloudy days.

3. Thick Rimmed Glasses

Thick rimmed glasses not only look good when paired with a chic outfit but they are also ultra-protective against sun glare - or fresh snow if you live in areas with snowfall. By covering your entire eye-area, thick rimmed sunglasses will keep out wind, dirt, excessive glare, and grit.

4. Wrap Around Glasses

Not only do you need to protect your eyes from the frontal attacks, but you should also shield your peripheral vision as well. The glare of the sun (and reflection from ice, rain, or snow) can make it difficult for you to see from various angles. Wraparound sunglasses will stop light from seeping into your peripheral and affecting your vision.

Be one-of-a-kind this winter season. Sun Optics has the luxury brand sunglasses you deserve.  

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