5 Reasons You NEED to Wear Sunglasses During the Winter Season

November 19, 2018

5 Reasons You NEED to Wear Sunglasses During the Winter Season

What do you think of when you hear the word “sunglasses?” Do you think of a sweltering summer day with the sun shining brightly? Perhaps a beautiful spring day at the beach?

Does a chilly winter day come to mind? Whether you realize it or not, the sun is always shining, even during those cloudy fall and winter days.

It’s important to realize that the winter sun sits lower in the sky and a different angle, which exposes you to more ultraviolet rays in comparison to other seasons, and which can cause heavy damage to your eyes. For this reason - and for many others - it’s important to protect your eyes with some gorgeous sunglasses fromSun Optics.

We have an unparalleled selection of luxury brand sunglasses to choose from that will protect your eyes from the wind, sun, and even snow. Consider the following reasons for purchasing a pair of Sun Optics sunglasses for yourself or a loved one this winter season.

1. Protection From the Sun

Skipping out on protective eyewear can eventually cost you your vision. This is especially true if you’ll be in areas with a high potential for snow or other winter precipitation.

You may be surprised to hear that your eyes can suffer from sunburn. Significant exposure to the sun can cause photokeratitis or snow blindness. This occurs when light reflected off water or snow causes inflammation in your cornea. Snow blindness can be very painful and cause your eyes to become red, watery, and itchy. In severe cases, you may even suffer temporarily from loss of vision.

While most cases of snow blindness heal within a few days, the effects of repeatedly causing this type of trauma to your eyes can lead to serious issues down the road.

2. Protection from Flying Debris

The winter season can be extremely gusty with the wind kicking up dust and loose dirt. This excess of dust and dirt in the air can lead to cornea scratches or extremely irritated eyes. In areas of the nation where it snows, people often get ice and snow in the eyes as well.

Protective eyewear, like the sunglasses at Sun Optics, are essential for protecting your eyes.

3. Helps to Reduce Dried Eyes

Once winter hits, so does the dry air. The colder weather is the number one reason why we need extra chapstick and lotion; this seasonal dryness can affect our eyes as well. A simple step to keep your eyes from drying out is to wear sunglasses.

4. No More Eye Strain and Headaches.

When your eyes are exposed to direct sunlight, it can damage the retina and pupil, which are extremely sensitive. The pupil determines how much light is exposed to the retina. If the light is too bright, naturally, you will start to squint which, in turn, causes eyestrain and even headaches. Sunglasses will help shield your pupils and retina from excessive sunlight while also limiting the how much you strain your eyes.

5. Enhance Your Winter Fashion

The winter season is one of the best times of the year for high-end fashion and unique looks. The cold weather allows us to wear some interesting outfits and the right pair of sunglasses can really add that extra flair you are looking for.

Wearing sunglasses during the winter months not only has great benefits for your eyes, but the right pair can also boost your look.

Sunglasses can really save your eyes from winter damage. Sun Optics has amazing shades from a variety of luxury brands that you’ll love.

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